Elise Urrutia

Anne Elise Urrutia, the great-granddaughter of Dr. Aureliano Urrutia, and a long-time San Antonian, writes on a variety of topics including history, art, and music. Descended from Urrutia’s fourth son, Adolfo, her father is the namesake of the famed Mexican and American surgeon. Elise and her father, Dr. Aureliano Adolfo“Bud” Urrutia, have explored the family’s history together for a number of years, and she is currently researching and writing the story of La Familia Urrutia en San Antonio. Her book about Dr. Urrutia's unique garden, Miraflores, will be published in the near future. She can be reached at elise@quintaurrutia.com. Photo of Ms. Urrutia (above left) courtesy of Josh Huskin.




Quinta Urrutia

Welcome to Quinta Urrutia, a journal about the experience of exploring the life of Dr. Aureliano Urrutia and his family, who arrived in San Antonio in 1914 as refugees from the Mexican Revolution. A man of modest origins, Urrutia became a successful surgeon in México.  But a brief appointment to the government of one of México's most despised rulers changed everything and Urrutia narrowly escaped the country with his life.  He came, with his wife and family, to San Antonio under American military escort, and rebuilt his life here.  He was a man of México, and a man of the world.  He was not perfect, but he was interesting; and his contribution to San Antonio cannot be denied.  He set his family afloat here on a challenging, but colorful course, and left a legacy of healthcare, and integration into the fabric of San Antonio and beyond.